reading animated text

At key moments in the real pleasure in life, the words will
begin to animate, in reaction to what’s going on in the story.
say the narrator’s scalp starts to tingle. or his legs go wobbly.

When reading animated text, the challenge is to get your eyes in the right place when the animation starts. Since we can’t know where your eyes are, you’ll have to get used to reading the animations at a point just above the middle of the screen.

Scroll ahead to show the target area. don’t worry about missing it. The page will 'catch' you if you scroll too far.

keep scrolling

---- > right here! < ----

An animated paragraph will start invisible, and only fade in when it’s ready to animate. This is to prevent you from reading it too soon, before the animation starts. When you see a blank page below the target area, like you do now, get ready! Keep scrolling to trigger the next animation.

keep scrolling

D, clearly moved by trishs linguistics, hurld herself at trish.

If you miss something, scroll back and the animation resets. Try it with the animation above. Scroll up and down to see it reset and replay.

If things happen too fast, slow down the pace of your scrolling. If reading on a phone with a small screen, try turning it sideways. And remember, if you see a blank bottom-half of the screen, it’s waiting for you to scroll.

Good luck!

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