leavin townieville

We came to a stop sign.

Stop leaving townieville

you know whats on the other side of that road, D.

whatever andy.

well you shure are takin yer time.

i hafta check for traffic.

aint no traffic.

you still gota check.

there was no traffic.

D took her foot off the brake...

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yugi rold back—

she threw it into second—

gave it some gas—

the engine died.

D yankt the emergency brake.

you did that on purpose johnson said

you know yugi dont like no hills.

hill my ass andy

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D turnd the ignition. yuggie started up .

she revvd the engine.

cmon little yooger D you can do it.

she patted the dashboard.

its not that bad, its just punk town.


aright, andy.

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D took her foot off the brake.

we rold back.

she popd it into second—

stepd on the gas—

yuggie shot forward—

out into the street—

and across.

and we were out of townieville.

whatever that meant.

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