fade to black

D had a drink at some point in titepockets, which raisd her total for the evening to two. one too many to drive, she maintaind, despite sevral opinions to the contrary.

who s gona drive? [ andy askd ]

nobody [ D said ] we can take booty-ds van.

booty-d? [ i said ] as in booty dharma?


the guy who useto do athens quotes? [ me ]

howd you hearbout athensquotes? [ D ]

on the internet.

seriusly, how?

D [ andy ]


he use to do it over there.

over where? [ me ] i thought he was from athens.

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face gettin cold   scalp tinglin

he is dude, relax. your visage is pallid.

what is goin on?

andy caught me before i realized i was falling.

breathe in your a flower, al. breathe out your a cloud.

i tried

but i didnt have control over my breath

over anything.

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heart racing head spinnin

blood swishin around a hundred miles an hour

my body understood what my brain couldnot

fade to black

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ext. titepockets. nite.

i’m lyin on my back, lookinup at the sky.
sevral peeple stand over me, including a
realyshort giantess.


you awake?


did i passout?


jusfor a second y’did. its nuthin to

worry bout, happens all the time.


what happens all the time?

peeple passout [ D said ] when they

first get here.

that doesnt make sen$&

blood drainin from my head,

had to lay back down.


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